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                • About the Company

                  Top Talent Automotive Fixture&Jigs Co.Ltd (TTM), founded in 2011, is specialized in manufacturing a variety of fixtures such as attributes, CMM holding fixtures, welding jigs as well as automation equipment. We will be committed to conducting long-time business cooperation with the well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad. TTM is providing perfect service and creating more values for our clients all over the globe with our high-quality products.

                • The Most Reliable Partner

                  We will fully focus on boosting our competence in terms of quality, manufacturing costs and delivery.

                • Professional Design Team in The Word

                  We have over 30 senior design engineers. They have more than 10 years of experience in the design of jigs and fixtures and are proficient in the use of UG and CATIA software.

                • Focus on Products Details

                  Our high standard of quality will be maintained through our inspection facility with varies advanced CMM equipment.


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